Welcome back!

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Welcome to a new year! We’re super-excited to have you, and have a bunch of things on the calendar that we’ll be looking at. Stay tuned, and take a look through the archives here, to get a sense of what we’re looking at.

Equity splits

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This is a bit far off for folks, especially the summer before starting, but it’s worth bringing up. Equity splits amongst co-founders are a pain, and lead to problems later on — getting them right, and right off the get-go, is critical. There’s somewhat algorithmic way of doing this, that’s more or less fair and […]

How product-market fit evolves

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Over the past few weeks, folks have been iterating over product, and considering how their hypothesis about what need they are filling have evolved. After a few sessions of customer discover, it’s easy to see how the iterative evolution of what you’re building is hard to keep track of. To keep the story and the […]

How to demo

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Demos and pitches are a little different: demos are early-stage conversations about the state of the product, and pitches are more full-stack: a dive into the market, the opportunity, and recent milestones. However, it’s similar enough to know, and to know well; here’s Jason Calacanis on how to demo — or pitch!

Need finding, and product-market fit

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I hope everybody enjoyed the session we had with Adam Royalty last week — the key insights are to develop open-ended questions that focus on elucidating the motivations behind customer demand, then translate those to actionable design experiments. In a similar vein, here’s Tom Tunguz on a few ways to validate product-market fit with the […]


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After this Friday’s talk, you should have a pretty solid understanding of the Business Model Canvas, and how to use it to lay out the best ways to approach the idea you have in mind. A fantastic resource in this regard is Business Model Generation, the book. Here, the focus is on considering the strengths […]

MVPs and iterating fast

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This piece, on Intercom’s way to build continuously, is a great way to look at building an MVP. The trick they espouse is minimizing the time between deploying a feature or change, and being able to look at the effect it has on customers. Keeping that feedback lop short is key!

Joanne Wilson on (women) raising

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Joanne Wilson is Fred Wilson’s incredible partner, and she writes about women in entrepreneurship (among other things). One of the issue she focuses on is ways women can be incredibly successful, despite the deck still being stacked against them. Specifically, here, she offers particular ways for women to avoid pitfalls when pitching investors — and […]