Paths to launch

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I hope everybody got a kick out of Adam’s talk last week — he’s a perennial favorite. As we bear down on building an MVP this week, a bunch of goodies from David Jackson. Here, David leverages Y Combinator’s experience to touch on a few themes that lead to building the best possible MVP, and […]

How to think about VCs

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Fred Wilson is one of the preeminent VCs in the New York area,running Union Square Ventures — as such, following the stuff he puts out is a pretty great way of understanding the currents that are building in the venture community. One particularly interesting point that’s developed in the last few days is the relationship […]

Welcome back!

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Welcome to a new year! We’re super-excited to have you, and have a bunch of things on the calendar that we’ll be looking at. Stay tuned, and take a look through the archives here, to get a sense of what we’re looking at.

Equity splits

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This is a bit far off for folks, especially the summer before starting, but it’s worth bringing up. Equity splits amongst co-founders are a pain, and lead to problems later on — getting them right, and right off the get-go, is critical. There’s somewhat algorithmic way of doing this, that’s more or less fair and […]

How product-market fit evolves

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Over the past few weeks, folks have been iterating over product, and considering how their hypothesis about what need they are filling have evolved. After a few sessions of customer discover, it’s easy to see how the iterative evolution of what you’re building is hard to keep track of. To keep the story and the […]

How to demo

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Demos and pitches are a little different: demos are early-stage conversations about the state of the product, and pitches are more full-stack: a dive into the market, the opportunity, and recent milestones. However, it’s similar enough to know, and to know well; here’s Jason Calacanis on how to demo — or pitch!