Monarch Enterprises


Leading Monarch Enterprises is an Electrical Engineering student, Christopher J. Kunkel, who has been working on this project for over two years. After many discussions with other determined entrepreneurs in his first year, Chris recognized that most of the inefficiencies faced by many start-ups was a result of their inadequate marketing capabilities. Incredible individuals with fruitful ideas were inhibited from expanding their knowledge due to promotional blockades. In balancing his first year coursework, Chris engaged in months of research reviewing and assessing the current methods of marketing and business strategy. Building his toolbox of skills in computer science and marketing, Chris began to take theory into practice. Slowly, Chris was able to bring 5,000 hits to a social media profile every month but knew these numbers were too low to be of substantial utility in a successful business.

Now almost 2 years later, Chris has perfected an algorithm that can vastly increase the social media impact of individuals and, for one particular client, been able to bring over 1.2 million hits to his social media profiles. For the past 5 months, Chris has used this algorithm as the cornerstone of a public relations start-up that can not only bring people to client’s social media profiles but also produce incredible content for those sites. Under the guidance of Boyan Penkov, Leora Brovman and Ivy Schultz through Columbia Entrepreneurship’s Res Inc Program, Chris currently leads 3 teams with the objective of making this company flourish.



The Spotless team includes two undergraduates in SEAS, Christina Michaels and Stephanie Michaels. Christina is a Junior chemical engineering major minoring in applied math and Stephanie is a sophomore biomedical engineering major. Christina and Stephanie created Spotless this fall after recognizing the time many students spend doing laundry. With the support of Res. Inc. resources and leadership they are currently in the process of producing a minimum viable product in order to demonstrate the utility of the Spotless product.

Spotless is committed to helping our customers gain back time lost while doing laundry. A power-based detergent, our product is a clean, green and safe way for you to get more use out of your clothing. Bacteria like micrococcus and staphylococcus live in the tightly woven fabric of garments and produce the familiar odor of dirty laundry. Our product is a specially designed powder that kills these bacteria strains without harming the garments or the user. Simply rub it into your clothing and smell cleaner, faster.



Nikhil Thakkar is a sophomore at Columbia University passionate about building anything awesome, particularly anything that has the potential to create profound impact for the masses. To date, he has founded five companies, all of which share a common goal: to improve the quality of and access to secondary education systems across the developing Hispanic world. His companies regularly engage with just over two million students across twenty-eight countries as of early 2016. Nikhil is now in the process of starting another hopefully longer term venture, and is particularly interested in exploring the field of digital human interaction, particularly through the field of social media. In general, he admires the entrepreneurial values held by Gary Vaynerchuck and Casey Neistat, and is a firm believer that “building” is better than “reading.”


EarlyDetect is a deep-learning powered platform that allows users to take highly accurate diagnostic tests for multiple diseases. Our proprietary, state of the art algorithms make our platform extremely reliable and easily scalable. We’re constantly adding features that help make the entire process of taking diagnostic tests cheaper, more efficient and comfortable for everyone. We’re currently seeking assistance with regulations and plan to launch soon.

EarlyDetect was founded by Mohnish Chakravarti (Columbia ’20), Saarthak Sachdeva (Brown ’21) and Tanay Kothari (Stanford ’20).